I'm not sure I want to call it a “showreel”. In a sense I would like to showcase everything I did over the course of the last 6 years. But on the other hand I’d like to consider this edit a closing point in order to start new. I started working on this edit 3 years ago and I couldn’t get it out of my system, but now I've finally found some time to finish this piece. There is so much different footage inside and not all of it fits today's standards, but I feel it fits together well. This last version of the edit is very different from what I started with, and now it’s time to close this chapter and start a new one with fresh content.

Directed and Edited by Elmar Bossard
Filmed by Elmar Bossard
Additional Drone Footage & Flairpix
Music Lydia Ainsworth - Hologram